Tilley Yard South

Copyright Robert Strachan 2015

Welcome to Tilley Yard South.


Tilley Yard South is a small switching yard set in Chicago.


It is set around late November in 1956.


Served by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad, the main customers are AJ Shipping and Tri State Milling.


The A.T.S.F. piggyback service also operates from the yard, picking up and dropping off trailers for various customers.


As you can see, the snow has started to set in, making a hard day's work just that little bit harder.

The layout is 5' 2" by 12" and has been constructed over a period of around 8-9 months.


The board was recycled from a previous layout and was constructed from MDF sheet with pine support batons.


The track is Peco Code 100, with wired droppers to ensure a constant electrical supply.


The buildings are kitbashed Walthers Cornerstone kits, suitably painted and weathered.


The snow was achieved using Woodland Scenics products.


The layout is operated as an 3-2-2 inglenook using a mobile phone application to draw the switching order.


The layout was featured in the June 2016 issue of Continental Modeller.